Eastman House Mattress – Excellent 545


New Buy Eastman House Spring+Mattress Model Excellent 545 Soft  11 inches  (3 size 3.5 ft., 5 ft., 6 ft.) 10 year Warranty. Independent Spring System proprietary of Eastman House. Life Edge, which uses a small coil spring. Balance the spine Reduce the feeling of tremors caused by co-sleeping Helps to relax and relax, helping you and your loved ones to sleep deep throughout the night. Free delivery.

King (6 ft.)King (6 ft.)King (6 ft.)Queen (5 ft.)Queen (5 ft.)Queen (5 ft.)Twin (3.5 ft.)Twin (3.5 ft.)Twin (3.5 ft.)
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Eastman House mattress Model Excellent 545 with a support system.

  • The Independent Spring System, licensed by Eastman House, is a high quality pocket spring support base combined with Life Edge technology which uses a small coil spring. But is 26% more durable than the foam weight support base and can be 24% easier to bend, reducing wear and tear from folds for storage, transportation, or movement. Available in dimensions of 6 inches and 7 Independent split springs Specially designed With features of separating spring zones to support different weights in different parts of the body To balance the spine Reduce the feeling of tremors caused by co-sleeping Helps to relax and relax, helping you and your loved ones to sleep deep throughout the night.

Weight balance system and comfort

  • EH High Quality topper, high quality foam imported from foreign countries, looks like a honeycomb The skin consists of a massage button Can help relieve body tension
  • EH Hybrid Latex topper, rubber that has been specially processed to achieve fullness Able to support curves and curves while sleeping The rubber inside the mattress can be adjusted to curve according to the nature of the body to support the body according to the nature of the sleeper. It also helps with the circulatory system in the body as well.
  • EH Ultima Foam, Science Foam Is lumped with a high quality compactor with the property of providing density More than general foam can support high weight
  • EH Comfort Guard, compressed cotton wadding Reinforced top And the bottom of the spring to support the weight To help strengthen But maintaining the softness in every movement of the spring ball

Outer covering

Eastman House Knitted Fabric, imported from abroad Able to breathe well and create comfort on all surfaces

Pressure distribution system And helps to relax

  • Highly elastic HD foam, a soft, firm foam of 20 that feels soft and comfortable.
  • Cloud fiber100 gsm 100 grams fiber with a 5 cell vents structure able to breath well.
  • Anti Skid Fabric, woven fabric using PP woven fabric, anti-sliding, can be 100% recyclable and also environmentally friendly.

Coating for health

  • Dust mite Protection® natural plant extracts Inhibit the growth of permanent dust mites
  • Allergy Protection protects and prevents allergies.

Ventilation systems

  • Auto Air Circulation® continuously ventilates the air through a layer of materials with a well ventilated structure.

King (6 ft.), Queen (5 ft.), Twin (3.5 ft.)

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