Eastman House Mattress – Enchant 460


New Buy Spring Mattress + Foam Eastman House Model Enchant 460 Medium Firm 12 Inch 3 Size 3.5 ft. 5 ft. 6 ft. 8 Year Warranty. Edge Coils Series 6 (7 “). Licensed by Eastman House. Various degrees To fully support and distribute weight Ready to look flexible And effectively reduce the pressure by focusing on the tight touch with spherical spring ball structure, free delivery

  • King (6 ft.)
  • Queen (5 ft.)
  • Twin (3.5 ft.)
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The Eastman House Mattress, Enchant 460, has a Edge Coils Series 6 (7 “) support, patented by Eastman House. The springs are delicately arranged in parallel lines at various angles. To fully support and distribute weight Ready to look flexible And effectively reduce pressure by focusing on tight contact with a circular spring ball structure

Weight balance system and comfort

  • EH High Quality topper, high quality foam imported from foreign countries, looks like a honeycomb The skin consists of a massage button Can help relieve body tension
  • EH Ultima Foam, Science Foam Is lumped with a high quality compactor with the property of providing density More than general foam can support high weight
  • EH Comfort Guard, compressed cotton wadding Reinforced top And the bottom of the spring to support the weight To help strengthen But maintaining the softness in every movement of the spring ball

Outer covering

  • Eastman House Knitted Fabric, imported from abroad, is well ventilated And creates comfort on all skin touches

Pressure distribution system And helps to relax

  • Highly elastic HD foam, a soft, firm foam of 20 that feels soft and comfortable.
  • Cloud fiber 100 gsm 100 grams fiber with a 5 cell ventilation structure can provide good ventilation.
  • Anti Skid Fabric, woven fabric using PP woven fabric, anti-sliding, can be 100% recyclable and also environmentally friendly.

Coating for health

  • Dust mite Protection® natural plant extracts Inhibit the growth of permanent dust mites
  • Allergy Protection protects and prevents allergies.

Ventilation systems

  • Auto Air Circulation® continuously ventilates the air through a layer of materials with a well ventilated structure.

King (6 ft.), Queen (5 ft.), Twin (3.5 ft.)

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