Eastman House Mattress – Enchant 440


New Buy Spring Mattress + Fome Eastman House Model Enchant 440  Medium Firm 12 Inch 3 Size 3.5 ft. 5 ft. 6 ft. 8 Year Warranty. Edge Coils Series 6 (7 “). Licensed by Eastman House. Various degrees To fully support and distribute weight Ready to look flexible And effectively reduce the pressure by focusing on the tight touch with spherical spring ball structure, free delivery

King (6 ft.)King (6 ft.)King (6 ft.)Queen (5 ft.)Queen (5 ft.)Queen (5 ft.)Twin (3.5 ft.)Twin (3.5 ft.)Twin (3.5 ft.)
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Weight Support System

  • Edge Coils™ Series: Exclusively developed by Eastman House, Edge Coils™ is 7” tall and has 6 turns. The coil provides firm mattress surface for better spinal alignment and is designed to evenly distribute the weight of the sleepers. Exceptionally durable by a spherical spring ball structure for a longer life span.

Weight Balance System and comfort

  • EH Foam: Supportive foam with excellent properties, light weight, soft, durable and flexible.
  • EH Ultima Foam: High density foam that is exceptionally dense than regular foam is designed for heavy duty.
  • EH Comfort Guard: Cotton fiber padding on the top and bottom of the spring system to support weight and to increase the life span.


  • Eastman House Knitted Fabric Imported from oversea. It have a great ventilate and much comfortable with every touch.

Pressure distribution system

  • High Elastic HD foam: Soft firm foam 20mm.
  • Cloud Fiber: 100 gsm with 5 ventilation cells
  • Anti Skid Fabric: This fabric made from PP fabric is antiskid and environmentally-friendly as it’s recyclable.

Healthy Coating

  • Dust Mite Protection®: Natural vegetable extract to prevent dust mite from breeding.
  • Allergy Protection

Ventilation System      

  • Auto Air Circulation ®: Continuous automatic ventilation through breathable inner components.

Design: Basic Design

Height: 12” approx.

Warranty: 8 Years Limited

Eastmanhouse Enchant 440

Eastmanhouse Enchant 440

Eastmanhouse Enchant 440

Eastmanhouse Enchant 440


King (6 ft.), Queen (5 ft.), Twin (3.5 ft.)

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